Spirit Be With You

When I read this passage, I’m reminded of a time when I felt alone and abandoned. I was all of four years old and I got lost in the grocery … Read More

Staring at the Sky

After Jesus had given the disciples explicit instructions on where to go and what to do, we find them staring up at the sky. Now if someone just levitated out … Read More

The Kingdom and the Spirit of God

Jesus had two main topics of conversation between his resurrection and ascension. He spoke about the Kingdom and the Spirit of God, inextricably linking them together. Kingdom expansion would happen … Read More

A Sequel to the Gospel

Luke clearly introduces the book of Acts as a sequel to his Gospel. Hollywood makes sequels to keep the cash flowing on big blockbuster hits, but let’s be honest, there … Read More

Waiting for Power

The battery-shaped power meter at the top of my computer screen is telling me I’m dangerously low on power, and if I don’t connect to electricity, my screen will go … Read More

Letting Your Light Shine | Broom Tree
Let Your Light Shine

This is Luke’s version of what happens when the Kingdom of God confronts the kingdoms of this world. Tom Wright says Luke invites us to watch, throughout the story, as … Read More

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