Dandelion Faith

I have a love-hate relationship with dandelions. When I was a child I loved the little yellow flower that turned into a white puffball that you could blow and watch … Read More

Shoulder Time

After a long day or week, sometimes I just need, what we call in our family, ‘shoulder time.’ Simply sitting close to one another, enjoying each other’s presence, knowing there … Read More

Tending the Garden

Those people who are blessed with the ability to grow and nurture beautiful gardens impress me. I do not have a ‘green thumb’ as they say about those who are … Read More

Written On Our Hearts

Some time ago I read there are 300 exabytes of information in the world…that’s 300 billion billion bytes of data that get thrown at us constantly. That’s so much data, … Read More

Quick, Slow, Slow

With the frantic pace at which many of us live, it is easy to get caught up and distracted by the speed of life. Often times we leave people’s feelings … Read More

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