Praying Like Jesus

Wanting to be like their master, the disciples asked Jesus how they should pray. The pattern of prayer Jesus teaches focuses more on what God wants than on our wants … Read More

Beginning New in Grace

In this powerful exchange, Jesus touches the open wound of Peter’s three denials of him. Whether Peter was dreading this moment with Jesus, or longing for it, we are not … Read More

Look to the Shoreline

After all that’s happened, Peter decides he’s going fishing, and several others quickly hop in the boat. Do you suppose he was just trying to get to his ‘happy place’ … Read More

Like a Clay Pot

Paul says he carried the good news of Jesus around in himself like he was a ‘clay pot.’ He was hard-pressed, perplexed, persecuted, struck down, yet he was not in … Read More

Fireflies for Jesus

A battle rages within these verses as the ‘god of this age’ (Satan) actively works to veil the gospel from those who have not heard the good news of Jesus. … Read More

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