Taking a Spiritual Selfie

Taking ‘selfie’ pictures with cell phone cameras is all the rage right now. Whether it’s simply with your friends to remember a moment, a silly snapshot, or at some famous … Read More

Catching a Glimpse of the Son

In this prayer of lament, the psalmist poses five questions to God, with no evidence that any of the questions are clearly answered, or any hint there is even relief … Read More

Remembering Christ is Enough

Right around the corner from my office there is a quaint little restaurant that is a quiet place to eat and read. If you sit there long enough, it becomes … Read More

Woman Looking Down at Lake
Shaped Into His Likeness

When you face adversity in your life it can often feel like your world is turned upside down, and you may even struggle to see any way through the time … Read More

Man playing a guitar
Embracing Your Gifts

At several times during my life I have decided I wanted to become a proficient guitar player. Not that I want to become some concert virtuoso or lead a band; … Read More

Athlete resting on a bench
Boasting in Suffering

In the pop culture of professional sports, we have recently crowned champions in hockey and basketball. Each athlete who competed in these finals undoubtedly put in countless hours of practice … Read More

The Supremacy of Christ

Certain things in life have the tendency to make us feel small. Take the magnitude of the ocean for example, standing on the shore as the waves crash in remind … Read More

Finishing the Race

My son recently finished up his track and field season, and it was a joy to attend his track meets and cheer him on in his events. In our vocabulary … Read More

Building Your Spiritual Muscles

I’ve talked with a number of fitness trainers and they all share the same opinion that most people need to spend more time working on their core muscles, and if … Read More

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